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Your Blockchain-
Attached Storage (BAS)

Are you tired of your monthly bills to store your files and photos? Check out Box, a decentralized solution to secure and own your data while earning crypto! A dream came true with the power of Blockchain


Functionaland Box
Borg Ecosystem Keep Your Data Safe And Secure For Free Using Blockchain

Secure and resilient

With Box your files & photos are secure at your home. Want a backup? no problem, join the nearest decentralized box pool (bPool). Box offers a Blockchain level security which means all your data is encrypted, stored and executed on Blockchain on the nearest Box nodes. You can even create a pool with your parent and friends and keep each other’s data safe! All for free without us needing to promise you it’s free thanks to Blockchian!

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Box is a plug and play device, simply connect it to the internet and download the Box Smart App. You are minutes away from activating your Box and get access to a pool of free applications, and minting Borg token! All IPFS and blockchain settings are pre-configured and ready to use.

Control Box With Few Clicks Easily From Box APP Secure And Easy

Your Box will be shipped with popular dApp and this is just the beginning...

The first dApp on Box is Photos, which is an alternative of Google Photos with the same experience, but free. Drive and password manager is on its way and much much more! Save your photos where you trust, pre-order Box now.

Say Goodbye to ads, subscription fees and low quality applications.


Join Borg Blockchain,
earn Borg Token

Our low-power, Blockchain-Attached Storage (BAS) , Box auto-mines our token, Borg. Consumers can use the Borg token to reward open source developers for their contributions to the high quality dApps that they love. Join our community to  learn more! 

Your Box is not only a storage device, or dApp server, it is quietly minting and staking the Borg Token. The token can be used by consumers when downloading dApps and allocated to open source devs to reward them for their contributions!

Borg Blockchain Provides A Pool Of Open Source, High Quality Decentralized Apps We Need To Onboard Developers And Address Main Barriers Of Entry For Them.
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