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Functional Elephants Club NFT

Functional Elephants Club NFTs unlock special perks & abilities on the Borg Network… and some surprises

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Special traits with
real-world value

Perks of ownership

Each NFT will grant the holder access to the Borg token public sale and membership to the Borg Network (Subject to KYC).

Discounts on the Borg Box, and a chance to win one of 100 special edition Boxes on the release date.

You also have a chance of receiving an ultra-rare NFT. More will be revealed on its abilities as we approach the launch date of the Borg Network

Ultra Rare Elephants

Every Functional Elephant Club NFT will be unique. But some will be invaluable. With real-world benefits on the Borg Network

  • Accessories: 7
  • Background: 25
  • Body: 4
  • Cloths: 35
  • Eye: 23
  • Glasses: 5
  • Hats: 10
  • Mouths: 6
  • Necklace: 11





Ideation & Character Selection

Design Finalization

Designing NFTs & Select Rarity


Finalizing the Perks (i.e. Functions) & Lottery Announcement

Last Chance

Last Day to Fill Out the Form

Winners Announcement

Announcing the Winners and Conducting the first 500 NFT drop

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Borg?

Read about Borg Protocol here

Who is the designer of Functional Elephant Club NFTs?

They are designed by Sheida Shahbaz, an experienced designer and resident Artist of “Bored Ape Ladies Collective”. You can see her previous works here: 

Which blockchain is it on?

It is on Polygon

How can I add Polygon to my MetaMask?

You can follow the instruction in this link in order to learn how to switch to Polygon Network

How can I participate in FEC NFT drop?

1. Join the Functionland Telegram group here
2. Fill out the questionnaire on this page.
3. Refer your friends to increase your chance in the lottery
4. We will conduct a lottery on January 10th, 2022 and announce the winners on Jan 11th.

NOTE: The time is now up for participation! We will announce the winners on Jan 11th

Do I need to pay anything for this Drop?

The first 500 Functional Elephants Club NFTs are totally free of charge for our community. which means the winner of our lottery draw do not need to pay even for the minting of these NFTs and we will drop them into their wallets

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