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Ending the rental web by creating a decentralized cloud alternative, download FxFiles and FxFotos, powered by the Fula Network today!

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What is the Fula Network?

A secure, encrypted ipfs decentralized storage network that replaces big tech cloud providers with individual FxBlox owners.

Fula Network puts privacy first

Blox - Blockchain-Attached Storage and Personal Server and Blockchain Node.
FxFotos download, backup and migrate your Google and Apple photos. Share securely via decentralized Fula Network
FxFiles -Store and Manage your files with FxFiles File Manager and Utility dApp for your smartphone and desktop

By the People, For the People

Own your data
The Fula Nework is designed to put the power back into YOUR hands. Your data is your property, and yours alone. Your photos, files and data are fully encrypted. Nobody else has a key.
No ads No subscriptions
The Fula Network gives you private, cloud-like storage. Sharing, collaboration. No ads, no subscription fees. It is designed to be a self-sustainable ecosystem for both owners and developers.
Earn $FULA tokens
Join the Fula Network by providing backups, resources to others, or develop dApps for the ecosystem. Each time someone uses your resources or apps, you earn $FULA tokens.

FXBlox: The building blocks of our Fula Network

FxBlox is a plug-and-play ipfs decentralized storage alternative that frees you from reliance on subscription cloud services. It lets you share and collaborate exactly as you do in the cloud, while providing private cloud storage and free, open-source apps.
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Our Partners

Functionland is backed by some of the biggest names in Web3 and tech investment including
Outlier Ventures, Techstars, Protocol Labs and Parity Technologies.
Our Partners
Functionland is backed by the biggest names in Web3 and investment world
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