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Storage (BAS)

Own Your Data. Empower The Network. Earn Crypto.

Box is the first Blockchain-Attached Storage, a decentralized storage and compute hardware solution, powered by the Blockchain.

Launching soon on Kickstarter, subscribe to get notified and get 50% off on launch day.

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Own your data

You have full ownership over your data. Box replaces your favourite apps using decentralized data pools (boxPool).  Leveraging blockchain-level encryption, your data is secure and private.


People get free apps. Developers get paid.

Box is powered by revolutionary Web3 technologies that unlock a new way to fund open-source development.  Enabling developers to build and maintain incredible free apps.

The first dApp on Box is Photos, which is an alternative of Google Photos with the same experience, but free. Drive and password manager is on its way and much much more! Save your photos where you trust, pre-order Box now.

Box plug-n-play

Easy to use

Box is a plug and play device that everyone can use. Setup takes five minutes. Simply connect it to your home internet. Get access to free photo and data storage. And all the apps you want.

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