Own your data with "BOX"!

We package blockchain technology in a gadget, a personal server,

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Thinking of cloud?

Google’s mission: Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful...

  • Let’s put it to a test with a simple search on YouTube, shall we?

Just Ads!

No information whatsoever in the first page.


What went wrong?

Star topology was adopted as the architecture of the first web:

For Business model, what later became the Big Tech, decided to resort to techniques from the 19th century!

By design the Web become a bunch of monopolies

And us becoming sleepless goldfish

  • Server

    Is where all our data is kept.
  • All our data

    is physically residing at Google, etc...
  • Google, etc...

    is who we depend on for protecting our privacy and data!
  • Emergence of evil is inevitable when all our data is in one place

How to fix it?

For the architecture, we replace Star With Mesh

That gives us Web 3.0, aka the decentralized Web. Instead of attention and our data we then consume something else to feed the beast!! Electricity.

Most people know Web3.0 with cryptocurrencies, however, it has come a long way to become decentralized data structures

the gap is Hardware and tech knowledge.

Pixel Phone


BOX is a form factor for personal servers

  • Zero-Config

    Using libp2p, it creates p2p connections behind NATs without any port forwarding, config or static IP
  • Application server

    Using IPFS and IPLD it offers both file and database functionality, with easy-to-use APIs for developers to develop on them.
  • Resilience and security

    It offers blockchain-level encryption and multiple boxes can easily be clustered and be synchronized.

How it works?

Self-Owned, Secure, Zero-config, and Modular BOX

  • Stationary

    User simply connects BOX to the internet. User has the option to place multiple BOXes in different physical locations.

  • Zero-config and Secure

    They use BOX smart application to set it up in a few easy clicks and create a secure and encrypted app server.

  • Modular and Composable

    Users have the option to use different distributed applications, such as Photos, directly hosted on their BOX or customize BOX modules.

Is BOX a home-cloud?

Yes, and much more! It is a decentralized application server.

DApp server

It is designed for distributed applications so unlike traditional home-clouds, no static IP or domain is needed to access your applications outside your home.

Developer friendly

By providing easy-to-use APIs, DApp developers can build applications for Web3.0 without a prolonged learning curve having access to database and files.


Users have the option to set it to "mine cryptocurrency when idle" mode, and it pays for the DApps by itself, i.e., electricity!


  • 01. Order

    We ship the user a "BOX" consisting of one right brain, hub, base and one storage with Photos (like Google photos) and Drive (like OneDrive) applications pre-installed. Users can order additional modules as well.

  • 02. Install

    User connects it to internet and installs mobile application to set it up. App automatically detects that "BOX" and creates an encryption key, IPFS daemon, cluster and database. If user has more than one "BOX", they all get synchronized during initialization.

  • 03. Use

    User starts manual uploading and auto-synchronizing photos and files to their "BOX" using the app from any iOS, Android or Windows device, and shares with others who might not even have a "BOX". No IP or domain is needed to use or share.

  • 04. Customize

    User can have more than one "BOX" in home or office and they all get synchronized. Moreover, multiple users can securely share one "BOX" together, without being able to see each other data. Also, they can install additional DApps from any developer as they become available.

Want to stay tuned?

We are working towards releasing our demo by end of June 2021. Subscribe to our monthly updates for a chance to be among the first BOX users

Have more questions?

Feel free to send us an email with any questions you have. We are also accepting investments.

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