Functional Elephants Club NFT

Functional Elephants Club NFTs unlock special perks & abilities on the FULA Network … and some surprises in the future.
Perks of ownership

Each NFT will grant the holder access to the FULA token public sale and membership to the FULA Network (Subject to KYC).
Discounts on the Functionland’s Box, and a chance to win one of 100 special edition Boxes on the release date.

You also have a chance of receiving an ultra-rare NFT. More will be revealed on its abilities as we approach the launch date of the FULA Network

fec club

What is Fula?

The Fula Network is a privacy-focused, user-owned, free-to-use open-source platform with a built-in incentive layer designed to reduce, eliminate or invert these misaligned incentives. By doing so, it enables free-to-use applications for users that directly compensate developers. Read more

Who is the designer?

They are designed by Sheida Shahbaz, an experienced designer and resident Artist of “Bored Ape Ladies Collective”. You can see her previous works here: 

Which Blockchain are they on?

Our elephants have their homes in the Polygon network. You can follow the instruction in this link in order to learn how to switch MetaMask to Polygon Network and make a purchase.

Where to buy an Elephant?

There are already 500 elephants out in the world, please take a look at

Rarity Score

Accessories: 7
Background: 25
Body: 4
Cloths: 35
Eye: 23
Glasses: 5
Hats: 10
Mouths: 6
Necklace: 11

rare elephants