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Functionland’s crowdfunding campaign for Box raises over half a million USD

Functionland pioneers of BAS (Blockchain-Attached Storage) and builders of the web3 home server, Box, have concluded a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Functionland is attracting significant interest in Box and BAS. Its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign exceeded its 10K target within four minutes of launch. The campaign closed with over half a million dollars in funding from more than 900 individual backers.

Box is a turnkey, plug-and-play hardware device that runs applications and enables secure, decentralized storage for photos, files and other personal data. It also provides incentives to app developers and to Box owners for sharing storage and compute resources with other owners.

The Indiegogo campaign ran for five weeks and included two Box tiers: Box Lite (a single storage tower); and the expandable Box XL (a base station and two towers). Though more expensive, Box XL proved the more popular of the two options, selling out well before Box Lite.

“We’re happy with the response to our campaign. It will bring Box into more than 900 homes, giving each of these early adopters control over their personal data,” said Keyvan Sadeghi (CEO, Functionland). “These Box owners – we like to call them ‘Functionlanders’ – can now claim their own storage space in the cloud without having to pay rent to cloud providers or subscribe to their services. The response to our campaign proves there exists real market demand for data sovereignty.”

In addition to shipping Box by Q4 2022, Functionland is also on track to achieve important development milestones for its Fula network, with a Testnet scheduled to go live by end of Q2. The Testnet will allow early users to join and test Fula network and protocols.

“We’re excited by the overwhelming response people gave our crowdfunding campaign,” said Ehsan Shariati (CTO, Functionland). “Our development team is focused on our upcoming milestones to launch on Testnet by the end of this quarter. We want to onboard early adopters to test our network and protocols. Getting community feedback is critical to our Mainnet launch and we look forward to collaborating with our users.”
The first Blockchain-Attached Storage solution.