Fula Pools

zero-knowledge data sharing and P2P Ai services

Fula Pools

Functionland is working on collaborative tools for ensuring privacy, zero-knowledge proof, and transaction efficiency for facilitating P2P networking, the sharing of compute and storage resources. The formation and interactions amongst pools of users wanting to share computing and storage resources, users’ privacy (such as location, load, traffic of interaction, etc.) and content confidentiality are critical security issues to resist various cyberattacks. FxLand’s technology facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) data storage and sharing. The files themselves must be encrypted during storage and transfer whenever one individual elects to store their files and data within one hardware unit (and related IPFS protocol), or a pool of users want to share data or provide P2P AI services to each other.

Encryption is necessary for confidentiality of the file/data, so that the contents are secure from corruption or damage or unauthorized access, from malware and cybersecurity threats. Furthermore, the company has to ensure privacy for the user. Privacy around the actual file itself as well as where it is stored and who interacted with who. For this reason a technology is evolving the so-called zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge (zkSNARK) proof systems that a prover can prove the validity of some assertion to a pool of verifiers without revealing the assertion itself with succinct proof size and verifier complexity. Finally, the company is exploring underlying cryptographic primitives employed in zkSNARK systems to meet both the power constraints and computing constraints in constrained environments (e.g., users are Raspberry Pi devices).

Decentralized cloud storage using blockchain technology is an alternative to centralized cloud storage services provided by Google Azure Cloud Storage – Cloud Based Storage, Google Drive, DropBox, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage.

See our WhitePaper – https://docs.fx.land/whitepaper.

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