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New name for the Functionland Box: FxBlox

The first Blockchain-Attached Storage has a new name

We never intended “Box” to be the final name for our product. “Box” was more of a placeholder, inspired by the product’s form and its function as a storage space for data, apps and everything else people hold dear in their virtual lives. We’ve always leaned into our community for important decisions, and again this time we asked our community to think “outside the Box” and help us to choose something novel, catchy and intuitive. Something they feel reflects our free-thinking, transformative, community-oriented brand and what we stand for.Our community, suggested more than 200 novel names. We liked many of the suggestions and it was difficult to choose one, 4 different members of our community suggested Blox and we loved it! It stands for Blockchain Box, it is simple and intuitive of what we are trying to achieve! After much consideration, we have added “Fx” to “Blox” to make it unique as our flagship product.

We are thrilled to announce that the first Blockchain-Attached Storage has a new name: FxBlox!

At Functionland, we stand for data privacy, security and decentralization. We aim to empower you to work peer to peer without the need for a big cloud provider company as a middle man, we are building the People-Owned Network and we start by bringing FxBlox to your homes!
The first Blockchain-Attached Storage solution.