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Functionland News and Updates

Missed our AMA on telegram? Don't worry, here's your chance to catch up on the latest and greatest updates from Functionland's co-founders!

Testnet launch
Testnet has been initiated, with the on-chain/protocol integration development reaching completion yesterday. Final testing is in progress and expected to conclude within the next few days, assuming all tests pass successfully, which appears to be the case. Keep track of the updates on Functionland’s GitHub.

Currently, our primary focus and allocated funds are directed towards the testnet launch. Post the testnet rollout, we’ll strategize and allocate resources for marketing in preparation for the mainnet launch.

Test Participation: Open to All or Limited to FxBlox early adopters?

Participation is currently limited to those who have acquired blox during the initial launch. Our automated platform facilitates seamless onboarding ( – refrain from entering your information, as we clear the database before launch). There’s potential for expansion in the near future.

FYI, Functionyard is the designated name for the testnet network, featuring the $BORG token. As for the mainnet network, it will be known as Functionland, with the corresponding token named $FULA.

Upcoming App Update Before New Year

An imminent app update is on the horizon:

✓The integration of Wallet Connect’s Web3 Modal for native app connection is in its final testing stages. This update addresses wallet connection and sign-in steps.

✓Simultaneously, a backend update will be deployed to devices, initiating the joining of nodes to the Testnet!

Airdrop Plans

Will there be airdrops for early adopters?

We’ve set a cap for airdrops in our tokenomics. The precise airdrop details will be disclosed during the mainnet launch. The actual amount will be determined post the testnet phase.

NFT Holders’ Participation

As mentioned we will expand the joining criteria soon after the launch. W will issue announcements around this after the launch, NFT holders will soon have the chance to join, with more details coming post-launch.

Absolutely, our original plan for NFT holders remains intact:

1. Testnet participation will be extended to them (excluding hardware owners).
2. Stay tuned for perks on the testnet, which will be unveiled after the mainnet launch.


Testnet Technical Assessment for FxBlox

Here is what we’ve done in three types of tests:

1- Automated tests through scripts (Github CI/CD):
hardware: automatic script at the manufacturer site

2- Manual tests for functionality and UX

3- 3rd party audit for blockchain:
– By parity: which is in the issues section of repos on our GitHub
By Macro


FxBlox XL

A crucial highlight about FxBlox XL—the primary capability it unlocks for $FULA—is the addition of storage towers. In the RK1 design, we’ve seamlessly integrated internal storage (M.2 NVMe, SATA) within the same tower.

Key Target Dates

Testnet Launch: Current estimate is before end of the year with the app (might extend to first week of Jan but hopefully not if we don’t face an issue in testing)

Mainnet Launch: When we have confidence in Testnet, because the same code with different parameters will be deployed. However we will try our best to launch mainnet before Q3 2024.

Xl Base delivery: No concrete date, depends on factors external to the team (partner protocols coming in).

Historically, Bitcoin halving initiates its run, while altcoins see a delay in significant gains. Our goal is to seize the altcoin surge, aiming for a release before Q3.
The first Blockchain-Attached Storage solution.